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-Does not scroll objects -Ensures that objects do not fall -Allows objects to stand together. It does not create a cluttered image.
Product Specification Description: · Weight:50 ml. · Color:Orange · It is a condensed glass juice shampoo that destroys dirt and germs. · Concentrated glass water shampoo has the feature of pine smell and allows your glasses to distribute fresh odor. · When you use your glass water shampoo in...
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Technical Specifications Product: Large Size Battery Feature: Alkaline Voltage: 9 volts Quantity in Pack: 1 Piece Model: 6LR61 Height: 48.5 mm Diameter: 17.5 x 26.5 mm.
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The Smell of Gum
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Optimum Safety Goggles - SGS 770:
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Panasonic Blister Extra Heavy Duty Slim Battery -4 Pieces
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Product features · Weight:250 ml. · Color:White · Automix Anti-Fog Spray; It definitively solves the vision problems caused by the presence of anti-fog in automobile, glasses, mirrors, helmets, etc. lenses and provides you with a safe vision. · It dissolves the fogging that occurs in the...
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